Our Clients

Our clients are successful professionals and active retirees who know the value of hard work. They stay busy with family, business interests, and recreational activities, and have little time left to manage their finances.

They want to have enough in retirement to live a comfortable lifestyle and be prepared for the unexpected. Above all they don't want to run out of money or be a burden to their children. Our clients see themselves as stewards and want to have a positive impact on their family, community, church and beyond.

Many clients come to SFG Wealth Advisors when facing a life transition, such as the sale of a business, job transition or the loss of a spouse. They realize they need help navigating complex financial issues, consolidating a collection of investments, and making sure they're positioned properly to accomplish their goals.

As our patriarch, Bruce says, “A well-built ship will weather the storms and help you arrive at your destination.” We draw out plans, develop projections, help our client organize their investments and then seek to guide them step-by-step toward the peace of mind that comes from knowing they're on track to where they want to be.